Lord not opening

Just out of the team meeting held in the Coach’s suite. Skipper did most of the talking. He is opening with the Calypso King. Lord Almighty is at No. 3. Some bull-shit about using his experience to guide the middle order, similar to what the other 2 of the troika did yesterday. Lord sat there straight faced. Didn’t say much. Didn’t smile at all. I was standing at one corner straight across the Lord. And given my height and stature I can go quite unnoticed. I was observing the Lord carefully, each twitch of his eyes, every movement of his thumb, his gaze. He is very unhappy and uncomfortable. Being treated like this in front of his bacchas.

Btw, I can see from my window that the rain’s getting harder. I wonder if we’ll get 2 matches in today.

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  • The Coach talked about strategies to contain the opposing opening batsman whom I will refer to as the Pedophile Priest.Graeme Smith and Pedophile?Oh No!

  • Sorry Adam Gilchrist?

  • gil-CHRIST? CHRIST refers to Priest???

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  • i have still didn’t figure out who you actually are, but mann you have a sharp brain.Every name has a meaning :)

  • your coach sounds like an idiot!

  • Surely Buch is a bitch as is Mitch ha ha..

  • ya….he is a failed first class player who is trying to slam our dada’s image…bad ass coach

  • Murali , you are caught babe.

  • its murali kartik!!

  • Hey SL… Wozzup dude?ven r u gonna make the berth???

  • Dada is an ass hole…the oldie needs to hide his face in a pile of shit…

  • Pedophile> Gilchrist or Hayden?

  • It cannot be Murali. He is in the team. This guy says he isn’t in the team. I think its Cheteshwar Arvind Pujara.

  • You guys take a chill pill.Instead of getting emotional just enjoy the blog.We all know this is just for fun and the owner of this blog site has nothing to do with KKR team and also he is not the player of this team.This is work of fiction.

  • Murali Kartik??

  • Appam Chutiya nick is too good .. This is hilarious .. Keepu up the good work :)

  • Here’s the scoop, the fake IPL player has been nabbed!! I’m the real IPL player providing him with the scoop. And since he’s hogging the limelight, I’m starting my own blog. Check it out at:

  • It might be akash chopra,I dunno about it.I make make it to the test team though….its akash chopra.

  • Hey whoever you are,It makes me sick in my stomach…that cricketers are not exactly the way we think of them.Pedophile,lil john practicing with hot chicks..etc etc…I’ve started hating this icons now.

  • Hats off dude!!Who ever ur , if ur really around lordie just take care of him & convey our Best luck, Wishes & all his fans support 2 him,best luck 2 u also dude 4 ur dare.. Keep posting.

  • why the **** does the lord almighty bear this shit when he is being disrespected. he can walk out any time…if he agreed on being in the time, he better be a time and cast his humongous ego aside..

  • Murli Kartik…………..

  • i reckon its Ganguly

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  • can you do something about the spammish earn money posts?

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    We all know this is just for fun and the owner of this blog site has nothing to do with KKR team and also he is not the player of this team. This is work of fiction. Thanks.

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    We all know this is just for fun and the owner of this blog site has nothing to do with KKR team and also he is not the player of this team. This is work of fiction. Thanks.

  • Snoring Solutions

    We all know this is just for fun and the owner of this blog site has nothing to do with KKR team and also he is not the player of this team. This is work of fiction. Thanks.Snoring Solutions

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