Shukla ji tweets like he speaks

What does former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi have 470,308 of that the current IPL commissioner Rajeev Shukla has only 6,578 of? The number of followers each has on his online avatar on twitter.

While the world is aware of Mr. Modi’s trysts with these 140 character messages, Mr. Shukla was living in this world rather stealthily. Until recently, that is. Now, after more than two years of his existence on Twitter, the world is finally waking up to the multi-dimensionally talented Mr. Shukla.

Just his last tweet, sent on April 13, gives us a glimpse of the gems that could be trapped inside the man.

“again usa authorties unnecssary detained srk at the airport he informed me from there only was shocked to know before I got in to action srk”

If you look carefully enough, the tweet shows more than it hides. It tells us that Mr. Shukla is a man of action, a man on a mission, determined to get to his destination no matter what. Punctuations and grammar, mere flies on his path to glory, are brushed aside with disdain.

It also shows that he is inherently an honest man. Unlike those cricketers who can’t stitch together one sentence in English but generously quote Blake and Wilde in their tweets, Mr. Shukla tweets like he speaks.

A brief tweeting history
Right at the start of his tweeting life, it was clear that @ShuklaRajiv will be Mr. Shukla’s unadulterated unaltered ego.

His first tweet ever was to his good friend and KKR owner Shahrukh Khan.

“want to spk to u rajeev shukla.”

Note the sign off at the end, so there’s no confusion. And the full stop that shows authority. The tone has a hint of Luca Brasi making a call on behalf of Don Corleone.

The next tweet was also to SRK, albeit this was a blank tweet. A twitter equivalent of a ‘Missed call’.

Mr. Shukla’s third tweet was a reply to a fan asking him if he’s indeed the Rajeev Shukla he thinks he is. “yes am same rajeev shukla” promptly came the reply proving the authenticity of the account. No fake could ever capture such nuances. And, if he did, he deserves to be the real one.

From thereon, Mr. Shukla’s tweets have been little bundles of joy.

Like, “Hi. M fine ! Now in Spain with Parliament Delegation .great country of olive n solar energy. Rajeev Shukla”

He gives sneak peeks into the man behind the girth with tweets like “Loves cricket following football”

He shows his patriotic side with a tweet that is as impressive as it is incoherent.

“indian hospitality is superb and nobody cares like indians are doing cow village is like being in England”

He inspires the youth with anecdotes of great men. “Not only that einstein didn’t had toilet and kitchen he used to share community facilities with habitants of that locality”

With tweets like “I am happy and sad both today happy for sachin’ record and upset becaz howcome india lost to Bangladesh” he shows the conflicting emotions an Indian cricket administrator goes through.

And, every now and then, he reminds us that in Mr. Rajeev Shukla we may have earned a brilliant cricket administrator, but we lost an even greater philosopher. “Sometime remote control is very dangerous also suppose if wife or husband becomes remote control of the family u know what happens”

For the last time today, let’s hear it in Mr. Shukla’s words, “In my view sachin must get bharat ratna but let’s leave it to the govt decide”.

Forget Sachin Tendulkar. I’d say, give it to Mr. Shukla’s Twitter account.

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